School-Based Telehealth

Clinics inside our schools help students, families and communities thrive.

Healthy students are more successful — and their well-being is the key to a brighter future for us all. We’re on a mission to reduce absences and support working families. School-based clinics are making that happen.

Healthy Youth

Telehealth leverages innovative technology and brings together a coordinated and knowledgeable care team with the existing safety net of school nursing programs to help students live healthier lives.

Successful Students

Chronic absenteeism and learning loss plagues many schools — school-based telehealth combats these challenges with a focus on care that returns the student to the classroom as soon as possible.

Thriving Community

Students grow up to create our future workforce, our future families and our future communities. Their well-being is our responsibility.

We all want students to succeed,

but absenteeism threatens academic achievement. In both rural and urban districts across the Carolinas, where many families juggle multiple low-wage jobs, access to quality health care is a challenge with cascading effects. Students miss class. Parents leave work to administer medication, go to the doctor or take the child home. And often, after-hours clinics and the emergency department become the only alternatives.

With telehealth, technology makes it possible to connect students, parents and care providers in a virtual visit. Often, students can be diagnosed, treated and sent back to class. With more complex cases, we can identify significant health issues early on and coordinate referrals to specialists.

School-based telehealth is a practical solution that addresses problems of access and absenteeism like never before. We’re keeping students in school, alleviating stress for teachers and administrators, and enabling parents to focus on their work. Through school-based care, we’re working together to carry out the true purpose of public education: providing all students and families opportunities for success and fulfillment.

Telehealth in large, urban districts

See how school-based telehealth is a game changer for Bessemer Elementary School student Kaleesi and her family.

Cone Health, Guilford County, NC

School-based clinics in rural settings

With limited access to nearby medical facilities, telehealth has bridged the gap in powerful ways at Graham Elementary School.

Atrium Health, Shelby, NC

The Carolina School-Based Telehealth Learning Collaborative

brings together healthcare, education and nonprofit leaders with a shared mission: to promote student success by keeping young people healthy and in school.

As pediatric providers, administrators, educators and telehealth pioneers, we represent different health and school systems in settings both urban and rural. What unites us more than anything is a passion for health equity and access to care. No matter our role or where we work and live in the Carolinas, we’ve come together to build an initiative that we know works. By sharing knowledge, resources and strengths, we’re able to help new telehealth programs launch successfully and become sustainable. Together, we’re expanding the availability of school-based telehealth to benefit as many schools and families as possible. We are at the forefront of using telehealth as a solution and since then have devoted our efforts to helping other districts to the same.